Super Natural Puzzle Company

About Us

Laurie Pratt

Laurie is the mother of Joe, an adult traumatic Brain injury survivor, as well as 5 other children and 14 grandchildren. Joe loves nature and puzzles, but he is always defeated by the difficulty of doing beautiful interesting nature scenes, which are always between 500 and 1500 small pieces. The same problem is true for her youngest grandchildren, who have the same interests in nature, and developmentally, are at the same skill and attention level as Joe. Finding interesting and beautiful puzzles that they can successfully assemble has been a quest of Laurie’s for years. Super Natural Puzzle Company was her brainchild after being a follower of Jill Smith’s wildlife photography. Laurie and Jill have been friends for over 30 years, and this collaboration has been a joy.

Joseph Briskey

Joseph Briskey

Joseph Briskey loves the outdoors. He enjoys fishing, bowling, playing ball with his dogs, and enjoying the activities of his brothers and sisters and their families. His enthusiastic input often determines the next puzzle series to be produced making him an integral part of the SNPC team. Though he has cognitive deficits, right hemiplegia, and poor balance due to an auto pedestrian accident when he was small, his beautiful smile, and friendly hand shake, warms everyone who meets him. Joe is very proud to work with SNPC . He enjoys going to conferences, meeting people and promoting our puzzles. He is also our tiny focus group, assembling the latest puzzles, and calling all in the family, and anyone who comes to the door, to see his progress. Joseph works as a Service Missionary for the LDS Church.”

Jill Smith

Jill is a semi-retired science teacher that has long since discovered the power of nature in soothing many of the personal challenges that come to each of us. Photographing the beauties of nature was a natural extension of that appreciation. She has two adult children who deal with normal range of joys and sorrows in life, and one adult son that deals with brain injury due to disease and cannot be reached by the beauty around him. She is very hopeful that others may experience a degree of joy by observing and examining the rich colors and variety of species that her Colorado environment offers.