Super Natural Puzzle Company

About Super Natural Puzzle Co.

Our vision is to foster and nurture exiting interests and abilities through adaption. Our puzzles have fewer and larger puzzle pieces that assemble familiar and interesting scenes that are part of the western American experience.

Puzzles of wildlife scenes that more mature people would be interested in are usually only available in 500-1500 small pieces. These capture the interest of this population, but are virtually impossible for them to do, adding another layer of discouragement, and in the case of accident victims, one more loss for them to experience.

Super Natural Puzzles provide a multi-sensory and educational experience that is interesting and unusual. The puzzles are pictures of animals, and scenes that puzzle doers can look for as they experience the natural world. Puzzle assembly uses both right and left-brain hemispheres- as it is a hands on AND problem solving task. Included in the box is a fun informational card that teaches interesting facts about the puzzle subject, and refers back to the puzzle in order to encourage the puzzle doer to visually learn even more. Hearing or reading the information, (visual and/or auditory) then searching for it and finding it gives the person that feeling of "I found what they are talking about!"

We are named Super Natural Puzzle Company because they are super do-able and beautifully natural. The finished size is always 11 x 17 , and there are three sizes of puzzle pieces and numbers of puzzle pieces available. People can grow in skill and confidence by starting with the simplest 24 piece puzzle and graduating to the more difficult 99 piece puzzle. The 24 piece has pieces that are approximately 3" in diameter, the 48 piece has pieces approximately 2" in diameter and the 99 piece has pieces that are approximately 1 1/2 inches in diameter. They are super sized, super at facilitating conversation, super at building skill, and super at building feelings of success as well as being interesting and educational. These are beautiful, interesting photographs of natural Colorado wildlife. Jill captures these subjects in such unusual and fascinating scenes that they can't help but become favorites of puzzle fans.